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Hot water tank

I0.0 Min. water level
I0.1 Lower water level
I0.2 Upper water level
I0.3 Max. water level
I0.4 Min. temperature
I0.5 Max. temperature
O0.0 Inlet valve (fast)
O0.1 Inlet valve (slow)
O0.2 Outlet valve
O0.3 Heating

With the aid of inlet and outlet valves, you can fill and empty the tank cyclically and maintain the water temperature between two limit values. Sensors can also be moved with the mouse with the control operating.

  • 4 sensors for measuring various levels (minimum level, lower level, upper level, maximum level)
  • 2 sensors for temperature measurement (minimum temperature, maximum temperature).
  • 4 actuators for control of temperature and water supply (inlet valve (fast inlet and slow inlet), outlet valve, heating).