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Tape recorder

I0.0 |<< previous button
I0.1 << backward button
I0.2 >> forward button
I0.3 >>| next button
I0.4 STOP button
I0.5 > play button
I0.6 || pause button
I0.7 End of the tape (left side)
I1.0 Space on the tape
I1.1 End of the tape (right side)
O0.0 Start the motor
O0.1 Put the head on the tape
O0.2 Switch high speed of motor
O0.3 Switch reverse direction
O0.4 Switch off the button |<<, >>|
O0.5 Switch off the button STOP, PLAY

The simplified tape recorder requires a PLC control for playback. The functions of the tape recorder can be integrated step by step. We recommend the following procedure:

First the control buttons: >, ||, STOP, then buttons: >> and <<,á and, finally, buttons: |<< and >>|

  • 7 sensors for detecting whether one of the seven buttons is pressed.
  • 2 sensors for detecting whether the end of tape at the right or left is reached.
  • 1 sensor for detecting whether the tape has a blank tape section.
  • 2 actuators for switching on the motor resp. switching to wind.
  • 1 actuator for performing a change in motor direction.
  • 1 actuator for moving the sound head against the tape.
  • 1 actuator for deactivating the two buttons (to next/preceding track).
  • 1 actuator for deactivating the three buttons (Stop, Play, Pause).