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I0.0 O/I Bit 0
I0.1 O/I Bit 1
I0.2 O/I Bit 2
I0.3 O/I Bit 3
I0.4 O/I Bit 4
I0.5 O/I Bit 5
I0.6 O/I Bit 6
I0.7 O/I Bit 7
I1.0 O/I Bit 8
I1.1 O/I Bit 9
I1.2 O/I Bit 10
I1.3 O/I Bit 11
O0.0 I/O Bit 0
O0.1 I/O Bit 1
O0.2 I/O Bit 2
O0.3 I/O Bit 3
O0.4 I/O Bit 4
O0.5 I/O Bit 5
O0.6 I/O Bit 6
O0.7 I/O Bit 7

It allows simulation of input signals and display of output signals of an MPS® Station or PLC. Two types of application are possible:

Simulation of input for testing a PLC program with max. 16I/16O. This requires I/O data cable (Order no. 167 106).

Setting of outputs (with separate 24 V supply) to allow operation of an MPS station. The required cable (Order no. 034 031) is included in the scope of delivery.