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Control panel for cylinders

I0.0 Cylinder 1 retracted
I0.1 Cylinder 1 extended
I0.2 Cylinder 2 retracted
I0.3 Cylinder 2 extended
I0.4 Cylinder 3 retracted
I0.5 Cylinder 3 extended
I0.6 Start button
I0.7 Stop button (normally closed)
I1.0 Reset button
I1.1 Auto/manual switch
O0.0 Valve for cylinder 1
O0.1 Valve for cylinder 2
O0.2 Valve for cylinder 3
O0.3 Normal setting of lamp
O0.4 Stop lamp
O0.5 Q1 lamp
O0.6 Q2 lamp

The use of the control panel is similar to most facilities with cyclic motion. For this reason it is important know how it is programmed.

Write a cyclical control program for the three cylinders by using the inputs (Start, Stop, Automatic/manual, Acknowledge) and outputs (Initial position, Stop, Q1, Q2) of the control panel.

  • 6 sensors for detecting the end position of the cylinders
  • Four inputs of the control panel (Start, Stop, Reset and Auto/Man switch)
  • 3 pushbuttons in the user interface
  • 1 switch
  • 3 actuators for operation of the valves
  • 4 lamps indicating status