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Press with two-hand operation

I0.0 Pushbutton for left hand
I0.1 Pushbutton for right hand
I0.2 Press cylinder in initial position
I0.3 Press cylinder in lower stop position
O0.0 Valve operating the press cylinder

This method is commonly used to protect the hands of operators operating dangerous machines. The machine only starts when both activate buttons are pressed almost simultaneously (within 0.2 seconds). This has to be done with the left and right hand.

The machine stops immediately if one of the buttons is released.

Create a control program to repeatedly actuate the press cylinder while still complying with the safety requirements detailed above.

Two keyboard keys will be used as starter buttons for checking the solution. Use of the keys can be authorized by clicking on the mouse shown in the background.á The keyboard then appears against the white background.

  • 2 sensors for the left and right pushbuttons
  • 2 sensors for detecting the end position of the press cylinder
  • 1 actuator controlling the valves of the press cylinder