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Mobile phone timer (TON)

I0.0 Pushbutton ON/OFF
O0.0 Switch on phone
O0.1 LCD backlight

One of the timers used is the so-called switch-on delay timer (TON).

The ON or OFF signal has to be of a predetermined duration – only then is theá phone switched on or off.

This is the way in which some pushbuttons are protected against unintentional operation, for example the ON/OFF button of the mobile phone. This prevents users from inadvertently switching the phone on or off.

This exercise has to be solved so that the phone is only switched on or off after the pushbutton has been pressed and held for 3 seconds (TON).

The exercise can be made more complex by specifying that the backlight is to illuminate for 3 seconds after the button is pressed when the phone is on (TOF).

  • 1 pushbutton (ON/OFF)
  • 1 actuator to switch on phone
  • 1 actuator to switch on backlight