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Motion detector timer (TOF)

I0.0 Motion sensor
I0.1 Ambient light sensor
I0.2 Roller shutters open (second floor)
I0.3 Roller shutters closed (second floor)
I0.4 Roller shutters open (first floor)
I0.5 Roller shutters are closed (first floor)
O0.0 External lighting
O0.1 Close roller shutters (2nd floor)
O0.2 Open roller shutters (2nd floor)
O0.3 Close roller shutters (1st floor)
O0.4 Open roller shutters (1st floor)
O0.5 Switch on light (2nd floor)
O0.6 Switch on light (1st floor)

Lamps equipped with a motion sensor work in this way. They switch on the lighting for a few seconds if the motion sensor detects a moving object and if the ambient light level is low.

Solve this task. If you click on the blue pushbutton on the lower part of the screen you can varying lighting conditions. You can also use the light controller to change lighting conditions.

The delay is to be approx. 7-8 seconds.

You can open and close the blinds according to the amount of ambient light, and switch the light on or off.

  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 light intensity sensor
  • 2 sensors for end positions of roller shutter (2nd floor)
  • 2 sensors for end positions of roller shutter (1st floor)
  • 1 actuator for switching on lights
  • 2 actuators open and close rollers shuttersá (2nd floor)
  • 2 actuators open and close rollers shutters (1st floor)
  • 1 actuator operate light upstairs
  • 1 actuator operate lights downstairs