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Packaging of cubes - counter

I0.0 Sensor for the upper conveyor belt (green cubes)
I0.1 Sensor for the lower conveyor belt (blue cubes)
I0.2 Box not yet full
O0.0 Start upper conveyor belt
O0.1 Start lower conveyor belt
O0.2 Actuator for changing boxes

Green and blue cubes are being packaged. Green cubes come from the upper conveyor belt while blue cubes come from the lower conveyor belt. The motors have to be switched on and off as appropriate.

Three green and five blue cubes can be placed in each box. Excess cubes fall out of the box. A sensor shows if the box is in the correct position and does not contain the correct number of cubes.

The task has to be solved in such a way that the exact number of cubes is placed in each box and that not a single excess cube falls from the conveyor.

  • 2 sensors to detect the number of green and blue cubes in the box.
  • 1 sensor detects if the box is not completely filled.
  • 2 actuators start the motors of the conveyor belts.
  • 1 actuator changes the box.