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Garage door - Pulse-edge control

I0.0 Pushbutton for remote control
I0.1 Garage door is in lower end position
I0.2 Garage door is in upper end position
O0.0 Activate motor for garage door
O0.1 Change direction of motion

We can only solve the problem if we learn aboutá pulse-edge control.

The motor circuit switches off automatically when the door reaches its end position.

Status of the lamp in the garage:

Green: Garage door is in the upper or lower end position

Red: Garage door is moving

Yellow: Garage door was not stopped in either end position

  • 1 sensor for the remote control
  • 1-1 sensors for garage door (upper and lower) end position
  • 1 actuator for garage door motor
  • 1 actuator to change drive direction of motor