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Lifting luggage

I0.0 Lifting cylinder in initial position
I0.1 Lifting cylinder extended
I0.2 Thrust cylinder in initial position
I0.3 Thrust cylinder extended
I0.4 Piece of luggage arrived
I0.5 Piece of luggage raised
O0.0 Move lifting cylinder upwards
O0.1 Move lifting cylinder to initial position
O0.2 Extend thrust cylinder

Pieces of luggage are transported  via slides. When a piece of luggage reaches the end of a slide, it is to be lifted onto the next slide by two pneumatic cylinders. The lifting cylinder is controlled by a 5/2-way double solenoid valve, the thrust cylinder by a 5/2-way solenoid valve.

  • 1-1 sensors for the piece of luggage (top/bottom)
  • 2 sensors for end positions of the lifting cylinder
  • 2 sensors for end positions of the thrust cylinder
  • 1 actuator controls the lifting cylinder (down/up)
  • 1 actuator controls the thrust cylinder