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IO sim

I0.0 Output Bit 0.
I0.1 Output Bit 1.
I0.2 Output Bit 2.
I0.3 Output Bit 3.
I0.4 Output Bit 4.
I0.5 Output Bit 5.
I0.6 Output Bit 6.
I0.7 Output Bit 7.
O0.0 Input Bit 0.
O0.1 Input Bit 1.
O0.2 Input Bit 2.
O0.3 Input Bit 3.
O0.4 Input Bit 4.
O0.5 Input Bit 5.
O0.6 Input Bit 6.
O0.7 Input Bit 7.

I/O-SIM is a comfortable tool for commissioning of any MPS® Station. You need following I/O data cable ( order no. 034 031)

You can set output signals and view the sensor signals of a connected  MPS® Station.

Switch - Strobe

The strobe switch enables the switches Bit 0 to Bit 7. To generate  output signals via the switches Bit 0 to Bit 7, the strobe switch must  be set left. You have to push the strobe switch to the right side if you want  to send a signal pattern set by the switches Bit 0 to Bit 7 at  well defined time slots.

Switches  - Bit 0 to Bit 7

Using these switches you can set output signals or you can generate  a bit pattern depending on the position of the strobe switch.

LEDs - Bit 0 to Bit 7

The LEDs show the status of sensors  of connected MPS® Station.