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I0.0 Call-button on the 0. floor
I0.1 Call-button on the 1. floor
I0.2 Call-button on the 2. floor
I0.3 Button for 0. floor (in the elevator)
I0.4 Button for 1. floor (in the elevator)
I0.5 Button for 2. floor (in the elevator)
I0.6 Elevator on 0. floor
I0.7 Elevator on 1. floor
I1.0 Elevator on 2. floor
I1.1 Door is closed on 0. floor
I1.2 Door is closed on 1. floor
I1.3 Door is closed on 2. floor
O0.0 Start the motor upwards
O0.1 Start the motor downwards
O0.2 Open the door on 0. floor
O0.3 Open the door on 1. floor
O0.4 Open the door on 2. floor

Elevator with the following simplifications:

-  There is no weight sensor and no Stop button in the cars
-  All call buttons are constantly active. The call buttons in the car have higher priority.

3 sensors/buttons for calling the elevator on the relevant floor (0, 1, 2),
3 sensors/buttons in the elevator for selecting the destination floor (0, 1, 2),
3 sensors for detection of the floor on which the elevator is located,
3 sensors for detection of whether the doors are closed on the floors.
1 actuator for moving the elevator upwards and 1 actuator for moving the elevator downwards.
3 actuators for opening the door on the relevant floor (0, 1, 2).