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Washing machine

I0.0 Door is closed
I0.1 Water level max.
I0.2 Temperature min.
I0.3 Water level min.
I0.4 Temperature max.
I0.5 Start
O0.0 Water inlet valve
O0.1 Heating
O0.2 Water pump (outlet valve)
O0.3 Motor switch
O0.4 High revolution
O0.5 Change direction of rotation
O0.6 Door lock

All important statuses (motor, direction of rotation, inlet and outlet valve, heating, door lock, water quantity and temperature) are shown on the front side. The door can be closed and opened with the mouse. A simplified wash is started with the red button:

  1. Start:  Water inlet, heating, turning briefly clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  2. Wash: Turn 15 times clockwise and counter-clockwise (switch on heater if the water cools excessively)
  3. Water outlet:  Drum is turned for sixty seconds in one direction with outlet valve open.
  4. Spin (1 minute), after which the door lock opens after a delay period.

1 sensor for detecting whether the washing machine door is closed.
2 sensors for detecting whether water maximum level or water minimum level is reached.
2 sensors for detecting whether maximum or minimum temperature is reached.
1 sensor for detecting whether wash has been started.
4 actuators for activating heater, water inlet, water outlet and the door lock.
3 actuators for controlling the motor (motor on, motor high speed, motor change in direction).