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7-segment display

I0.0 No. 1 to display
I0.1 No. 2 to display
I0.2 No. 3 to display
I0.3 No. 4 to display
I0.4 No. 5 to display
I0.5 No. 6 to display
I0.6 No. 7 to display
I0.7 No. 8 to display
I1.0 No. 9 to display
I1.1 No. 10 to display
I1.2 No. 11 to display
I1.3 No. 12 to display
O0.0 1. segment
O0.1 2. segment
O0.2 3. segment
O0.3 4. segment
O0.4 5. segment
O0.5 6. segment
O0.6 7. segment
O0.7 2.+3. segment (for number 1)

The pointer rotates over a circular consisting of 12 segments. A sensor is assigned to each segment. If the pointer stops at a segment, the corresponding input of the sensor is set.

Write a program that displays a number between 1 and 12 on the 7-segment display when the corresponding sensor is activated.

  • 12 sensors for detecting in what of the 12 partial areas the pointer of the analogue dial is located, i.e. what number is to be displayed?
  • 7 actuators for display of the 7 luminous segments of the "units digit".
  • 1 actuator for display of the double segment of the "tens digit".