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Ball sorting system

I0.0 Eject piston in position -
I0.1 Eject piston in position +
I0.2 Capacitive sensor
I0.3 Optical sensor
I0.4 Inductive sensor
I0.5 Ball in gravity chute
O0.0 Eject piston valve
O0.1 Gate for 1. storage
O0.2 Gate for 2. storage

You can fill the magazine by clicking on the green button with the mouse. A random generator is used to select aluminium balls and black and yellow plastic balls. By controlling the two catching cylinders, you can sort the balls into three different buffer channels. Using the three 3 sensors (capacitive, inductive and optical), you can distinguish between the various types of ball.

  • 2 sensors for detecting whether the push-out cylinder is extended or retracted.
  • 1 capacitive sensor for detecting whether a ball has already been pushed out.
  • 1 optical sensor for detecting whether a ball is bright (orange or silver).
  • 1 inductive sensor for detecting whether the ball is conductive (made of aluminium).
  • 1 sensor for detecting whether a ball is in the gravity chute.
  • 1 actuator for extending the ejector cylinder.
  • 2 actuators for extending the two gate cylinders.